This Reading Space is a concept devised between Rush Green Primary School and Image Playgrounds.  The reading space is an interior structure that is used to create a more enchanting space to encourage children’s imagination. The school hopes that the space will promote the joys of reading to students. It has been styled like Hagrid’s Hut with a sweeping coiled staircase for a fun effect.  It  can also be used as an area for Reflection giving Children and young people an opportunity to reflect on their lives in a quiet and safe place especially in this world of noisy media stimulation & to explore life’s questions.

Library, fun reading room, Hagrid's reading library

Let’s make Reading more Interesting!


Reflection Rooms, Reflection Space, Reading Room

Reflection Spaces necessary for children to reflect on their lives in a quiet and safe place


Themed Classroom Reading Castle, inspiring children's imaginations to read, medieval classroom castle

Fun to Read

This castle themed reading room has been designed to encourage children’s reading and inspire their imagination.

Placed inside are cushions and bean bags. This makes it more inviting and comfortable for children

to sit and read.  It also has a first floor, so it is light and airy.

Castle Themed Reading Classroom, themed reading room

Enter into our enchanting Reading Room!

This new concept for a themed classroom and certainly for a library,  reading room or Reflection Space is incredibly versatile. As well as a quiet reading space, it can also be used for plays, demonstrations and as a gallery. It provides children with an extra space in their school that can be used as a treat alongside their normal lessons.

If you’d like to get your very own Hagrid’s reading library, or want to talk about creating a reading space for your school, get in touch. We’d love to help you inspire creativity and a love of books in your school.

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