EYFS playground designs

We absolutely love working of EYFS playground designs. They’re so full of fun and we can get really creative with the designs to capture children’s imaginations. Playtime is invaluable in a child’s early development and allows them to explore their interests.

Your playground can also be a big sell for parents when they’re considering where to send their children to nursery. Having a safe, engaging space for their children to play is a big deciding factor for mums and dads who are looking for the very best for their little one.

When we’re designing EYFS playgrounds, we make sure to consider the environment carefully. Our talented team use their knowledge and experience to create a fun, stimulating space to entertain and develop young minds.

colourful climbing EYFS playground design with trees

children enjoying EYFS playground designs

Challenging minds

Our playground equipment is carefully designed to challenge young minds and develop creativity. The Image Playgrounds catalogue is full of role play equipment that young children love. A play shop, train, or ship inspires imaginations and encourages social play.

Musical playground equipment gets children interested in music. Listening to and playing music is incredibly beneficial for children. It can vastly improve their brain development, it promotes feel good endorphins, and helps teach them social and physical coordination.

Plus, our natural play equipment inspires a love of the nature and teaches them to enjoy the world around them. They learn to take care of nature and develop a healthy relationship with the environment which they will carry with them for life.

Challenging bodies

EYFS children are constantly growing, developing their strength, and learning the limits of their body. The need a play area that allows them to safely test themselves and help them to increase their gross motor skills, agility and strength.

We tailor our adventure trails and climbing frames for the age of its intended user. We support safe, risky play, allowing children to push themselves without ever being in danger. They can test their strength as they climb up a scatterlog and their agility as they navigate a log beam.

Sand and water play is great for developing children’s creativity, but also their physical skills. Moving buckets of sand and water around uses their developing muscles and gets them active while they’re having fun. Making shapes and patterns in the sand is also great for their fine motor skills.

clilmbing EYFS playground equipmet

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