Exciting playground themes

It can be really hard to come up with exciting playground themes when you’re looking at updating or creating a play space. That’s where we come in! We’re Yorkshire playground experts and our fun, engaging playgrounds are loved by children all over the UK.

Our designers love it when communities, schools and businesses come to us with a thematic challenge for them. Rockcliffe Hall recently came to us with an idea for an Alice in Wonderland themed playground, and it was so much fun designing and building. We love customising our pieces of playground equipment to fit with a particular idea or theme; it really allows us to get creative.

Take a look at some of our favourite playground themes that we’ve been involved with recently and get in touch if you’d like to see our creative minds to work for you.

Farm themed playground

Farm themed playgrounds are always really popular with children. It gets them enjoying the outdoors and learning a bit more about the natural world around them. We have lots of amazing farm themed pieces of equipment, but none we love as much as Fergie.

Fergie is our playground tractor design. You can have him in any colour or size you like. He gives children the inspiration for their farm-themed play, as they sit behind the wheel and embark on their farming adventure. They can also hide in the tunnel and bond with their friends.

children using a role play tractor in their playground

Train themed playground

Children absolutely love trains. They’re excited by the new way of transport and can’t wait to climb on board and head off on an adventure. Train themed playgrounds let them whizz off to lands unknown every time they visit.

We love our role play train design. With the secret tunnel on front and as many carriages as you like, visitors to your playground can spend hours on imaginary journeys, creatively playing with their friends.

Castle themed indoor playground

Castles never fail to impress children, and they’re the perfect way to jazz up an indoor space. They’re perfect for sparking children’s imaginations and getting them involved in creative play. You can even use them as a learning tool, to teach children about history or to use as a performance space.

We’ve recently designed an indoor castle library and Hagrid’s hut reading space for a primary school. The exciting, castle structure has lots of places to sit and hide away with a book, as well as a platform for reading and performances. The Hagrid hut reading tower has a real wow factor, with steps leading up into a private room filled with squishy cushions. Have a peak at the finished project.

Musical playgrounds

Musical playgrounds are really popular. They give children new experiences and help peak their interest in music and sound. Use them as a fun teaching tool, or as a great way to let of some steam and make some noise!

We love putting together full music stations or building stand along pieces of musical equipment in playgrounds. St Hilda’s primary school in Hovingham were thrilled with the way their musical equipment fitted in with tunnels and climbing challenges in their play space. Check it out.

Adventure playgrounds

Adventure playgrounds inspire creativity and get children active in the outdoors. Who needs a mobile phone when you can soar through the air on a zip line?

The playground we designed for Croome Park is a perfect example of what we can achieve. The National Trust wanted to celebrate the area’s WW2 heritage, so asked us to design an military-styled play space.

So, we got to work. We created a fighter jet themed slide, climbing control tower, parachute swing, secret war bunker and springy army jeep. Even if we do say so ourselves, this playground looked incredible, and visiting children absolutely love the space. Take a look at the finished playground.

Sea themed playground

Playground boats and sand pits are always lots of fun for children. Our playground trawler can fit lots of children on board at once, which makes for exciting collaborative play or even the coolest outdoor classroom ever!

We have lots of different options when it comes to playground sandboxes, as we know different playground have different needs and space. No matter what you need, we can create the perfect beach to feature in your sea themed playground.

If you would like us to create an exciting themed playground for you, just get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you.