Eco playground equipment is the perfect way to get children interested in the natural world. They can get stuck into planting and they’ll love watching as their hard work blooms before their eyes.

Eco playground equipment has a host of benefits associated with it. Check some of them out below.

It’s better for the environment

It perhaps goes without saying the eco playground equipment will have less of an impact on the natural world than ordinary equipment. Thinking sustainably about the resources we use is a must.

Bringing in new plant life and educating children about human impact on the world is just as important. Installing ecoplay equipment will allow children to enjoy learning about the natural world. It’ll also show them the importance of protecting it.

eco playground equipment surrounding a treeBuilds a sense of community

Whether you’re installing eco playground equipment in a school, business, or public space, the growing plants can install a sense of community. Planters are an easy to maintain and instantly give a boost to your space.

Children and adults work together to help maintain the space, regardless of whether they’re planting and weeding, or simply helping to keep the area litter free. Plant life helps people feel better connected to a space, and therefore more likely to make efforts to help protect and care for it.

Gives hands on experiences

Children who get involved with planting and maintaining natural spaces in your playground gain hands on experiences. This helps them to become active, strong learners. Carrying out planting tasks teaches them about the natural world and presents them with new challenges they might never otherwise have experienced.

ladybird sitting on a plant in eco playground equipmentEncourages wildlife

Nature is fantastic at recovering itself, if we give it the chance. Planting lots of flowers will encourage bees and other pollinators that are in trouble. It also attracts creepy crawlies and insects. These fascinate children and can be used to help teach them about the creatures found in nature, and their importance to the ecosystem.

Benefits to physical and mental health

Having more plants around reduces smoke, dust, CO2, and other pollutants. This makes the air cleaner and helps people to breathe easier and feel better. Plants can also help keep noise pollution down and regulate climate as they often counter the warming effects of paved surfaces.

More greenery has also been found to improve mental health, reduce stress levels. It is also thought to increase cognitive ability in children.

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