Fun, creative play for children is so important. It has a massive impact on the way in which they grow, and can contribute to their physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. Children use creative play to make sense of the world. Give them plenty of opportunity to learn new things, face new challenges and come up with exciting new ideas as they play.

Creative play can be done anywhere with almost any items. It’s a way for children to express themselves and helps them to master the use of their bodies. Playground blackboards are perfect for creative play, as children can write and draw, wiping away any mistakes or easily starting fresh with new ideas.

Your playground is the perfect place to encourage creative play for children. There are so many wonderful pieces of playground equipment that you can install to help children learn through play.

creative play for children using sand, rakes and buckets

Sand play

Children love to play in the sand. Let them build master pieces and inspire their imaginations in your very own sand play equipment. Designing sand castles helps to stimulate their creativity and helps them develop physically as they move dig and build.

Water playground equipment

Enchant the senses with water playground equipment. Give young children new sensory experiences and encourage them to splash around, jump and play in the water.

Role play equipment

Help guide imaginations with role play equipment in your playground. We have a fantastic selection of themed equipment, including trains, boats, and tractors.

Mud kitchens

Mud kitchens are a fantastic way to encourage creative play and get a little messy. Give children the chance to get stuck in to nature, getting hands on experiences and creating outrageous recipes for their mud pies.

creative play for children using musical playground equipment

Musical playground equipment

Whether they’re making the music themselves or dancing to the beat someone else is playing, musical creative play is great for children. It helps develop social and physical skills, as well as a love of music. We have a fantastic range of musical playground equipment you’re sure to love.


Give children a performance space to sing, dance, dress-up, and act on. Help them to develop their social skills by working with others to create something spectacular, and give them the space to perform it on.

Story telling chairs

Story telling chairs are a fantastic way to give children the spotlight and get them thinking creatively. Sit them in the story telling chair and see what wonderful ideas come to life.

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