Creating playground trim trails

Playground trim trails are fantastic addition to any play area. They offer children the chance to challenge themselves and their friends, enjoy time spent outdoors and increase their strength and agility.

One of the best things about a trim trial is that they can be customised to fit in any available space. You don’t need to have a large play area to install adventure equipment.

Following your free playground consultation, we create a 3D design for your space, tailoring equipment to offer children the most fun for your money!

Take a look at some of the pieces of equipment we regularly use when designing trim trails for schools and parks.

two girls using Allerthorpe Park playground trim trail

Rope bridges and traverses

Our rope adventure playground equipment is a little gentler on the hands than chain equipment. It also looks more natural in your space. We offer a range of trim trail equipment with ropes, including a rope bridge, challenging rope traverse, and an agility testing rope walk.

Roll logs

Our roll logs are a real test of balance and agility for children. They can spend many happy minutes wobbling their way along the log. Our rock and roll log trail equipment offers a rope support children can use if they feel themselves slipping too far to each side.

Log and tyre traverse

Log and tyre traverses ramp the challenge up for children and encourage their problem solving abilities. Suspended above the ground, children have to carefully make their way from log to log, or tyre to tyre to reach the other side. If they slip, they have to wait their turn and have another try!

Balance beams

Balance beams are a really simple piece of trim trail playground equipment can that double up as a place to sit in a pinch. We have a wide variety of balance beans, including: single and double beams, stepping snake, stepping stilts and a wiggle wood balance beam.

Chain bridges

We offer a range of chain bridges to suit the age and ability of the children who will use your playground. Our shorter chain bridges come with solid wood support either side for younger children. It helps them learn about their abilities and beginning to develop their strength.

Longer cross-over chain bridges offer more of a challenge for older children, testing their agility, strength and balance.

Monkey bars

Monkey bars are a classic piece of playground equipment that children have loved for generations. We offer our monkey bars with hoop handles or rungs depending on your preference. We can build them at different heights to suit the age of your intended playground users.

boy using monkey bars on a school playground

children using playground trim trail wobble boards


Children love to hide and play in tunnels and they’re a great addition to any playground trim trail. Our wooden tunnels allow children to peep out and see what’s happening on the rest of the playground. It also offers a great place for friends to chat and spend time together.

Wobble boards

Wobble boards are a fun piece in any playground. Children clamber on and test their balance and the board wobbles below. It gives them a new sensation and letting them have a good giggle with their friend!

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