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Creating a family friendly campsite

Creating a family friendly campsite is such a great way to increase your competitiveness and expand your business. Family holidays are a huge market and parents love knowing their children are safe, happy and entertained on their trip.

Though many campsites have huge success pitching themselves as ‘adult only’, it really limits the market for potential visitors. Camping and caravanning is a relatively low cost holiday for many families and is a very appealing way to spend the summer holidays.

Image Playgrounds have worked with many campsites in the UK to help them become more appealing to families. Take a look at our tips for creating a family friendly campsite.

Beacon Farm Caravan Park Playground tower system

Install a playground

Having a fun, safe playground is a real selling point for families when they’re choosing where to stay for their holiday. Parents love knowing that their children will have a place to go and burn off their energy and play with their holiday friends in a safe environment.

Include laundry facilities

There’s nothing worse than coming home from an amazing holiday to a big pile of laundry. Plus, with kids, you never know what might happen so having the ability to put a load on during the holiday is incredibly helpful. How good are your laundry facilities?

Offer cycle hire

Bikes are hard to transport, especially on long holidays for families. If you can offer on site bicycle hire, your customers will be very grateful not to have to haul the entire family’s bikes across country just to enjoy a ride on their holiday.

On site shop

If you don’t have a shop on site or close by, it’s seriously worth installing one on site and stocking it with all the necessities. Hectic family life means parents often forget something important, or run out of the kid’s favourite items, so make it easy for them to re-stock with an on site shop.

Activities on site

Do you offer activities on your site? You can collaborate with local entertainers and activity providers during your busiest times to help keep families on site for more of their stay. Just think how grateful parents will be to drop their children off with a fully accredited archery teacher, child’s entertainer, or bush craft tutor for an hour or two!

Accessible bathrooms

Having family friendly and fully accessible bathroom facilities is so important. Make sure your washroom is modern, spacious and ready for the challenges of family life!

Dog exercise areas

The family often isn’t complete without our four legged friends! If you install a secure dog exercise area on your campsite, you’ll further increase your appeal with visitors. Giving dog owners a place to walk their dogs while staying with you also helps limit “accidents” around the rest of the site, making it more appealing to all your guests.

BBQ facilities

Not all families want to eat out every day of their holiday. Could your campsite offer them the use of barbeques during their stay? This also saves them the hassle of having to buy disposable ones if they want to cook in the sunshine!

man cooking on a BBQ

girl on a playground slide

Offer Wi-Fi

Sad but true, even kids want to be connected all the time now – even when on their family holiday. If you can meet that need for connectivity, you’ll certainly gain the edge over your local competition.

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