Crafts for kids at home

There are lots of amazing crafts that you and your kids can do together from home. While the lockdown is putting pressures on normal life, there are still lots of ways you can have fun as a family and get little minds active.

So, while you might not be able to get out and use your public park playground, there’s lots of excitement to be had at home. We’ve pulled together some ideas of crafts for kids that all ages and abilities might enjoy.

For lots of our ideas, you won’t need to get anything special either, you can craft with ordinary household items.

young boy doing kid's crafts at home in the garden

Toilet paper roll creatures

Don’t just throw your empty toilet rolls away, save them for some fun, creative time with your kids! Colour or paint the tubes with whatever materials you have in the house to transform them into your children’s favourite animals or even make up your own!

Bird seed cakes

Making bird seed cakes is lots of fun and can help encourage children’s interests in the natural world. Mix up your home baking and make a treat for the birds instead! The RSPB has a great recipe you can follow.

Peg monsters

Get your children to draw an exciting creature with a large mouth and plenty of teeth. This in itself can give them lots of enjoyment, coming up with quirky looking animals and monsters. But, it’s the pegs that really bring this activity to life.

Make a straight cut all the way along the tooth line of your creatures. Take your peg and line up the two pieces of the drawing along the opening end. You can then stick the two halves of your creatures along each half of the peg.

Now you have your very own puppets. Children can role play and give them voices for hours.

Pebble art

Pebble art is a great as it gets children involved in lots of different activities. First, you have to find the pebbles, either in your garden or on your daily exercise walks together. Gather a good selection of pebbles in different sizes and shapes.

Give the pebbles a good clean and make sure they’re fully dry before you get started on decoration. Use brightly coloured paints or pens and encourage children to get creative. They might even want to paint little creatures onto the stones.

Then, once they’re dry, you can hide them around the house and garden and see how long it takes your kids to find them all. You can make this an all-day activity, or space out the different steps across different days to keep children entertained.

colourful, decorated pebbles

child colouring with crayons

Make your own bookmarks

Making your own bookmarks can be really good for helping children to get excited about reading. What kind of book mark you make completely depends on your available resources.

You could do a simple rectangle with drawings, sequins, glitter or whatever craft materials you have in the house. Or, you could get more creative and make a fun corner, origami bookmark, like these.

Tin can wind socks

Cans make excellent windsocks with a little bit of time and creativity. Once you’ve cleaned out your can and taken off the original label, it’s time to bring on the paint, stickers, paper and markers to decorate them. Make sure to remind kids to be careful of any sharp edges. A good way of adding safety to this craft is to cover the edges with strong tape!

After the can has been decorated to perfection, it’s time to add some dangling ribbons, string, materials or paper strips. You need things that will wave in the wind. Don’t forget to also add a handle across the top so you can easily hang up your decorated cans.

child squeezing out paint for a home craft project

young girl colouring and making bunting at home

Make your own bunting

You might be getting sick of seeing the same four walls each day. So, mix it up and make your own bunting with the kids to brighten up your home. These are really easy to do and you can make them as long as you like!

All you need for this home craft is paper and pens (although you can use other decorations if you have them), a hole punch or scissors, and string or ribbon. If you don’t want to cut into your bunting triangles, you can staple each piece to your ribbon instead.

We hope these craft ideas have given you some inspiration for how to keep you and the kids entertained during the lockdown. We’d love to know if you try any of them, or if you have your own craft projects that your kids love. Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter to let us know.