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Confidence building on the playground

There are lots of confidence building to be found on the playground, and children won’t even realise that’s what they’re learning through their play. If your child is shy or needs a bit more time to come out of their shells with others, take them to the local park and see how it can support their development.

There are so many ways spending time on the playground helps to develop children’s confidence. Take a look at some of the most impactful lessons they might can learn through outdoor play.

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Making their own decisions

Parents and carers make lots of the important decisions for youngsters. It’s a big step when they learn to choose for themselves and this new found responsibility can be daunting. Help build up their confidence to choose slowly by asking which equipment they want to use, what games they want to play, and who they want to play them with.

Supporting risky play

Children need to learn the manage risk for themselves, and it’s through play that they gain the skills and confidence needed to make these kinds of decisions. The playground is a safe space full of well managed risks. During their play, children can build confidence in their risk management as they test their skills on adventurous playground equipment.

Developing social relationships

Throughout our lives, we must navigate lots of tricky social situations. That starts with developing social skills in childhood, and the playground is a great place for this to begin. They’ll learn how to approach others, explain games, and share the space. With each social interaction with other children on the playground, they’ll develop their confidence in communication.

Understanding own abilities

Being confident relies, in part, in knowing your own abilities. By choosing their own play and spending time moving their bodies, children learn what they’re physically capable of. Next time they visit the playground, they’ll approach the wobble board or scatterlog with more confidence, as they’ll have a better understanding of how to approach each piece of equipment. This self awareness helps develop their confidence.

Building confidence slowly

When it comes to building confidence, you have to take it slowly and allow your children to progress at their own pace. Encouraging them to interact with others, make choices and manage risk on the playground is a great way to help them take those all important first steps to becoming more independent.

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