Cleaning your playground

It’s important to regularly clean your playground to help maintain your equipment and look after the health of the children who use it.

In the wake of COVID-19 the hygiene of surfaces is even more vital to help keep everyone safe and well.

There are lots of things you need to consider when you want to clean your playground. Following our steps, you can be sure that your play equipment is clean, hygienic and well cared for.

Make sure you follow our advice carefully, as some cleaning products might damage your equipment rather than caring for it.

Read on to find out what steps you should take when cleaning your playground.

clean playground adventure trail

Power washing

Power washing your equipment is a great solution for large outdoor spaces. It gives your play structures a thorough clean and is much more practical than going round each piece with a hand wipe!

If you don’t have the resources in house to power wash your equipment, there are lots of companies with the skills and expertise that you can hire to clean it for you.

Cleaning solutions

You need to choose your cleaning solutions with care so you don’t damage your equipment. If you’ve got a playground installed by us, please get in touch for advice about cleaning your equipment.

It’s important to choose an antibacterial solution that’s mild yet effective to best care for children on the playground and the natural environment. You need to be able to disinfect equipment without causing any harm.

Timber care

With lots of use over time, your timber might start to get little areas of wear that need a sand down as you’re sanitising the equipment with your solution. Simply rub them down with some sandpaper and wash away any dust before using the pressure washer.

Playground surfaces

You need to keep your playground surfaces free from debris and weed growth as a matter of course. As a key part of your playground safety regime, you need to care for your flooring. Sweep away anything that has fallen onto the surface and use a low-pressure wash setting to remove any dirt. Don’t use your high pressure washer on the surface as it can damage the safety surface.

clean playground wet pour surface

Clean playground stage and canopy

Pick your time

Make sure cleaning your playground doesn’t impact on its regular usage. Pick a time when you know there won’t be high demand for your equipment so you’ll have time to clean everything and let it dry before use.

Are your bins empty?

With limited use, you may not have been keeping on top of emptying bins in outdoor spaces. Make sure your bins are regularly emptied and that the surfaces are disinfected.

Benches and walkways

While your actual play equipment is your priority, walkways and benches will also need a good clean to make sure they’re hygienic and ready for use.

Encourage hand sanitising

Putting up a simple sign to remind your playground users to wash or sanitise their hands before and after using the equipment is a really simple way to help improve the hygiene of your space.


clean outdoor playground seating

Cleaning is just one of the ways you can help take care of your playground. Take a look at our tips for regular playground maintenance too in order to protect your equipment. If you need any help at all with your maintenance or cleaning your playground, please get in touch.