Calming strategies for the playground

Going to your local playground is really exciting and kids love to spend time with their friends rushing between pieces of equipment.

But, when it’s time to go home, you want to be able to leave calmly and happily with your little ones. If you find it’s a struggle to get your child to leave, these calming strategies for the playground could be really helpful.

calm boy at the playground

Ask about their play

When playtime has come to an end, ask a child to share the things that they’ve most enjoyed about it. This transition time between activities allows the child to continue to enjoy themselves but brings their intensity down.

Blow some bubbles

Blowing bubbles at the end of time spent on the playground is a great way to settle a child into a less energetic activity before taking them home. It’s still lots of fun to see who can blow the biggest bubble and helps bring the heart rate down as they focus on a new task.

Shadow shape game

It’s it’s still sunny, finish your group play with the shadow shape game to get a bunch of youngsters to transition into calm, quite play after energetic outdoor time. Whisper to each child in turn what kind of shapes they should make with their shadow.

Then, countdown from three and all the kids can move their bodies to cast a funky shadow that matches what you’ve assigned them. Whoever does the best gets to decide what everyone should be next time. Play a few rounds before heading home.

family shadow on grass

child catching a ball

Don’t drop the ball

Bringing a ball to the playground offers children lots of opportunity for fun with their friends. But it can also be really helpful with calming children down that the end of their playground time too.

Gather all your group together in a circle and take turns throwing the ball to each other. If someone misses their catch, they are out and have to sit down. When there’s only one or two players left, it’s time to go home. This is great for developing their teamworking and coordination skills too.

Find shapes in the clouds

To help your child wind down after exciting time at the playground, get them to look up. Challenge each other to find shapes in the clouds and create a little story around what you can see.

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We hope you find these 5 calming strategies for the playground useful. What techniques do you use to encourage your children to happily leave the playground? Let us know on Twitter.

girls looking at the sky after playtime

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