Build a home obstacle course for kids

We’re all spending a lot more time in our homes to help manage the current pandemic, and it might be that you and the children are getting seriously bored right now. It can be hard to come up with new, fun activities each day.

The team at Image Playgrounds know that adventure trails are some of the most popular pieces of playground equipment we make. So, why not create a home obstacle course for kids and give them something new and exciting to do? Not only is it great for passing the time, you get them moving and exercising which is great for maintaining positive mental health. You can even give it a go yourself and join in with the fun.

Check out our tips for building an engaging, challenging home obstacle course for kids and get started!

child skipping as part of a home obstacle course

Crawl under a row of chairs

This is a really easy one to set up, all you need are the chairs from your table and away you go! Line them up as part of your home obstacle course and get your kids to crawl between the legs.

Throw socks into the washing basket

Not only is this really good fun, it helps get children into the habit of putting their clothes in the washing basket. Ball up some socks and have children throw them into the basket… they can’t move on until the socks land perfectly inside!

Handstands or cartwheels

If there’s enough space and your children are able, build handstands or cartwheels into your course. These might be best if the course ventures outside for safety.

Skipping or jumping through hula hoops

This is another great one to get hearts pumping and bodies moving. Ask kids to do ten full skips or hula circles before they can move on. Don’t have the equipment? Make a circle on the floor with chalk if you’re outdoors or bedding if you’re indoors and ask them to jump in and out of it ten times.

Balance a book on your head

Get children to balance a book on their head and walk a set distance without it falling off. If it slips, then it‘s back to the start line to try again!

Hop on the spot

Get children to hop on the spot while singing one of their favourite nursery rhymes.

Build a tower they have to knock down

Whether it’s a tower of beans and cans from the cupboard, Lego blocks or pillows, get your children to knock all the tower down before moving on.

Learning obstacles

This is a great way to slip in a bit of their school work too. Write post-it notes with questions and stick them around the course. The children need to correctly answer the question before putting the post-it on the floor, jumping on it and moving on to the next part of your home obstacle course.

Child's building blocks stacked up

girl holding a basketball as part of a home obstacle course

Bouncing balls

If you have some balls in the house, use them in your obstacle course. Bounce a ball 15 times on a racket, dibble a basket balls between point A and B, or kick a ball into a specified goal. Get creative with your available resources.

String ‘laser’ course

Stick lengths of string across the hallway at different angles and get the children to puzzle their way through it by bending, crawling and stepping carefully. They must not touch the string or they have to start this section of the course all over again.

Animal toys

If you have lots of animal toys in the house, you can build them into the obstacle course fun. Get your children involved in finding lots of different animal toys and gathering them together in one room. You can then distribute them around the house or as part of a large assault course. Every time your children find one, they have to jump over it and make the noise each animal makes.

Think about movement

Vary up the ways that your children have to get from one part of the course to the next. Sometimes they might need to crawl, hop, dance, go sideways or backwards, or have their eyes closed… anything to make it a little trickier than simply walking.

teddy bear on the grass

Tell us your ideas

We hope you’ve found these ideas for building your own home obstacle course inspirational. You’re sure to have lots of fun with your kids as they race their way through the course to see who can do it fastest.

If you’ve got your own ideas and activities your kids enjoy – let us know! Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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