Benefits of your playground climbing frame

Your playground climbing frame is lots more than just good fun. It’s helping children to develop in lots of different ways without them even noticing!

Children enjoy the challenge of racing their friends up the highest piece of equipment in the playground. But, they get more than just the satisfaction of reaching the top.

When climbing, they’re learning important social lessons, developing their communication skills and advancing their strength and dexterity while they play.

school children enjoying their new playground climbing frame and activity centre

Why do children love to climb?

Every parent knows that as soon as their baby is strong enough to move independently, they’re going to try and climb things. It’s an instinct that all children have and it’s one that needs to be carefully monitored from a young age.

Humans instinctively want to climb. We do it because we can! Developing children want to test the limits of their muscles and see exactly what they can do. And if they fall? They learn! It’s our job to make sure they do it safely.

Climbing helps them to advance their fine motor skills, body strength and depth perception. These are all valuable skills they’ll need throughout their lives. There are many benefits to climbing for kids.

Benefits of climbing

When children take on a climbing challenge, they increase their dexterity, build up their muscle strength and develop their confidence and concentration.

Climbing also encourages children to problem solve. They develop their critical thinking skills to find new routes up the playground climbing frame and figure out the best places to put their hands and feet.

They’ll also increase their risk awareness. Risky outdoor play is a fantastic way to show children what their limits are and how they can protect themselves from dangerous situations. The safety of your playground is the ideal space to teach this valuable life lesson.

Choosing your playground climbing frame

children using a playground climbing traverse wall

Now that you know just how beneficial climbing can be, it’s time to choose your playground climbing frame. Image Playgrounds has a variety of climbing equipment and tower systems for you to choose from.

You can pick from exciting scatterlogs, stand-alone tower systems, full climbing platforms with multiple challenges, simple climbing walls and traverse equipment, and lots more.

We know that every piece of climbing equipment we install will quickly become the playground favourite. Our experts are on hand to help you choose the right piece for your space.

All our products are fully customisable too. We love nothing more than putting our creativity to the test and coming up with exciting themed play spaces.

Our climbing equipment is also tailored to the intended age group of the user, so the challenge it poses is appropriate for their abilities.

Get in touch to talk about bringing a new playground climbing frame into your space and helping children develop their bodies and minds.

playground climbing frame around a tree

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