The benefits of outdoor learning

There are lots of benefits of outdoor learning that come up time and time again. Children need to get outside and explore the world. Children are constantly learning as they grow. Giving them the chance to get outdoors and enjoying new experiences is invaluable. Take a look at some of the key benefits children experience when they spend time playing and learning outside.

It develops their bodies and minds

Outdoor learning helps children to develop both their physical and mental skills. They’ll learn how to problem solve and develop their strength, agility, balance and much more. Children spend too much time looking at a whiteboard, phone, tablet or TV. Encouraging children outside promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

children climbing and getting the benefits of outdoor learning

It helps improve motivation

Getting children away from the classroom for their lessons inspires them. It gets them out of their normal routine and gives them something different to look forward to. Excited children engage with outdoor activities because they are motivated to learn.

It enhances social skills

Time outdoors helps children develop their social skills. They learn to communicate more effectively and enjoy working as a team. Even outdoor playtime encourages children to socialise, share and encourage each other.

It helps them to appreciate nature

It’s very hard to appreciate something you don’t regularly interact with. By immersing children in the outdoors, they learn to appreciate nature. They’ll then take more of an interest in caring for their environment.

It teaches risk awareness

Children should be risk aware, not risk averse, when enjoying the outdoors. Spending time outside allows children to understand the dangers they might encounter. They can then develop the skills they need to overcome or avoid these risks.

children working together to complete a climbing obstacle

It’s great for their well-being

One of the biggest benefits to outdoor learning is to children’s mental well-being. Immersing yourself in nature is well documented for supporting a positive mental state. With outdoor learning, children de-stress, relieve anxiety and support their positive mental well-being.

Aids to outdoor learning

Children who learn outside are often much happier, more confident and self-aware than those who spend most of their time indoors. Try not to think of outdoor learning as something extra to do on top of your school’s curriculum. Take your ordinary lessons outdoors so they’re fun and memorable with practical activities.

At Image Playgrounds, we’ve got a wide range of different aids to outdoor learning. Our playground classrooms are particularly popular with schools. These spaces give structure to outdoor lessons to help keep children focused.

We’ve also got lots of equipment that help children learn through play. Our sensory panels allow children to learn basic skills they’ll use every day. We have concave and convex mirrors that help to bring science lessons to life. Our musical playground equipment helps children explore different sounds and get creative.

Take a look at our full range of playground equipment and get in touch about your play space.

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