Assigned with developing & landscaping a piece of the Coal Mining Museum’s  land & tasked with providing a reflection of the past into an open public space to keep Coal Mining alive; we looked at the key features in mining history for a Coal Mining Museum such as tunnels & Pit Head/Hoist Structure which was basically the shaft lift which was found in most Coal Mines of that time.

Zip Cableway, Cap House Colliery Coal Mining Museum Playground

Coal Mining Museum Zip Cableway

Tunnel Slide, Outdoor Playground, Zip Cableway, Caphouse colliery Coal Mining museum

A Heritage Play Area for Museum


In doing so, we managed to mimic the Pit Head Hoist Structure maintaining it’s authenticity as a Zip Cableway.





We also designed, manufactured & fit a bespoke Playground with towers, large slides (emulating the tunnels down the pit) and lots of activity based equipment.

Tower System, Outdoor Playground, Museum Playground

Coal Mining Play Area


Playground Equipment, Scatterlog,, Timber Playground, National Coal Mining Museum

Covered in Coal at Caphouse Coal Mining Museum