5 benefits of play based learning

There are lots of benefits of play based learning. If you can offer your students a challenging, stimulating play space, you’ll see lots of rewards both inside the classroom and out.

Take a look at our 5 benefits of play based learning

1. Physical development

Play often involves the child’s whole body. Not only does it evoke the senses which can help with retaining information, it helps them to develop their motor skills. Children run, dance, climb and roll, all of which help them develop their muscles and spatial awareness.

Climbing equipment is especially good for this. It allows children to challenge themselves and their friends and to get active. They develop their strength, learn about risk management, and get a great sense of satisfaction when they reach the top or complete the adventure trail.

2. Creative thinking

You want to inspire creativity in all your students. Outdoor play is an excellent way to get them to fire up their imaginations and create their own worlds. They can pretend to be anything in the playground, and the equipment you provide inspires them.

We have lots of role play equipment to get those creative minds working in play based learning. We’ve got shops, trains, boats and more that you can bring into your play space.

children on a climbing frame conducting play based learning

3. Encourages problem solving

Give your students a challenge when they’re playing to give them a valuable skill for life. Whether that’s figuring their way out of a maze, a climbing challenge, or a test of their balance, children will love the achievement they feel during their play time.

4. Socialisation

Any play space, no matter how big or small, will help children learn key social skills. They’ll be interacting with their classmates away from their teachers and learning how to communicate with their peers. They’ll create their own games, work in teams, learn to share resources, and develop connections that could last a lifetime.

5. Decision making

Children learn how to make decisions in play based learning. They’re actively choosing what piece of equipment they want to use. They’ll learn what they like and what they don’t and begin to develop their individual sense of self.

Play in schools is incredibly important, no matter what age group is being taught. Having access to challenging, interesting playground equipment can help your students develop their strength and motor skills, social skills, creativity, problem solving, decision making and confidence.

Play based learning is great because it doesn’t feel like hard work. Children are able to learn by following their own interests and through exploring the world around them.

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