Eco-friendly Playground Manufacturers

Your play equipment will be lovingly hand crafted in our purpose built factory. As playground manufacturers we feel a responsibility toward the beautiful outdoor spaces that we design for. By working closely with the architects and builders throughout the planning of our factory, we were able to create a low carbon work place.

The factory and office building has an array of environmentally friendly features: Carbon neutral Biomass boiler system, using our own waste timber as fuel to heat the building and with a higher grade insulation to stop energy loss. We implemented a Lean manufacturing system to reduce costs and energy wastage. The building was positioned due South to achieve maximum solar gain through glazed frontage, this provides passive heating for the office building.  Thus ensuring our children’s future isn’t jeopardised as a result.

We employ a local workforce within cycle distance. They offer an adaptable skill set to provide you with the highest standard of product. We can manufacture using a high level of accuracy due to the latest in computer controlled manufacturing processes.

We host regular school visits for tours around our factory, for children to meet the designers and learn about the playground manufacturing process. Please get in touch if you would like to organise a visit for your school.