Playground Design

This is where your play space begins to come to life.

Our imaginative team of highly skilled Playground Designers will discuss your play space at length with the Play Area Consultants and will begin planning out the layout and experimenting with ideas and concepts.

Using the latest in CAD software the designers will create a full life-like 3D visual presentation. This has proven to be of great benefit to our clients, they can instantly see how the play equipment balances in with the existing surroundings.

The designers regularly undertake courses, training and research in order to provide you with the high level of service you deserve.

As part of our product design department we have introduced a state of the art software package. This intuitive design interface, and integrated software allow us the freedom to focus on innovation. We can engineer and build our products, with a high level of accuracy on screen, ensuring we can alleviate any problems that may occur during manufacturing.