Fergie the Tractor

Product Description

Fergie the Tractor could be the star attraction for your farm-themed park or playground. Children can role-play their favourite farm stories with this wooden tractor.

The tractor features comfortable wide seating, allowing several children to sit at the wheel and take turns driving the tractor.

Fergie the Tractor also features a sheltered social area for children to climb into that leads from the “engine” into the driver’s area. Younger children can rest in the shade away from the sun on hot days. Children inside the tractor could pretend to be their favourite farm animals whilst they are being driven around the farm.

If you are planning a rural country park, or village playground, then you may be interested in creating a play area with natural materials – more wood and less steel. We can design and manufacture this tractor in our UK factory to your exact specifications.  We enjoy a design challenge so why not contact us today with your farm-themed play ideas and we will bring them to life.

The photos below show the play area at Nether Silton where Fergie the Tractor was a huge success and warmly received by the community bringing in more residents from surrounding villages to use the play area and other amenities in the village. Have a look at the Nether Silton playground for more ideas for farm-themed play areas.

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